Live Action Pac-Man

I found the idea for this on Pinterest of course, but I made some changes. Instead of letting the kids just play, they needed to answer a basic trivia question. If they got it right, they moved two steps if they were a ghost and three steps if they were Pac-Man. I used Painter’s tape to make the course on the floor. When I ran out, I used black electrical tape. We mostly followed the lines on the tiles to judge where to begin or end a section. The kids all loved playing.

20160715_144814 20160715_144821


We had some extra time at the end of the program, so of course, I had to bring the 3 Doodler out. I love playing with new toys as much as possible.

20160715_155113 20160715_160000 20160715_160008



20160715_161129 20160715_161817


As you can see, some kids kept to the theme while others did their own thing.

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