Can You Escape?

The narrative is that someone library has poisoned their librarian and they have to solve a series of riddles, puzzles and brainteasers that will “unlock” a numerical code so they can get out and administer the antidote. As they solve each one, they’ll receive a number in the sequence and their next puzzle.  The sequence for the antidote is “357442724”

If they happen to find a number randomly and try to hand it to you, it might not be in the correct sequence and they will fail. They can ask for hints but will be penalized by adding minutes to their solve time.



  1. What is it that’s always coming but never arrives? Tomorrow

Prop: Calendar. On tomorrow’s date is written the number “3”.


2. I’m on the tip of your tongue.

I can’t be tasted nor chewed.

I may be noisy, I may be rude

And yet I still may be shrewd.

What am I?   A word

Prop: Dictionary, with number “5” written on inside cover.


3. This is a portable arcade. It’s a hand-held amusement resource with no cartridges or batteries. Access games of speed, dexterity, memory, cunning. Produce magical effects or construct lofty towers. Some games can increase your income.

Answer:   A deck of cards

Prop: 7 of diamonds, spades etc. for number “7”.


4. Prop: Mirror with this backwards clue: when held to mirror, it can be read:

Snoitalutargnocruofsirebmuneht. eulcsdrawkcabehttuoderugifuoY.

(You figured out the backwards clue. The number is four. congratulations)


5. Use the hub puzzle to make words. One of the words will be a clue. Each word must use the hub letter “I”. Examples: Aide, Nice

One of the solutions is “dice”. A pair of dice will be taped down with 3 and 1 showing, so the answer is “4”.


6. If the red house is on the right side and the blue house is on the left side, where’s the white house?

Answer: Washington, DC

Prop: Atlas or book about American government with number “2” inside.


7. Mary’s father has 5 daughters – Nana, Nene, Nini, Nono. What is the fifth daughters name? Answer: Mary

Prop: Butler’s Lives of the Saints or a well known book whose main character is Mary. (I used the picture book Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Inside the book is number “7”.


8. One snowy night, Sherlock Holmes was in his house sitting by a fire. All of a sudden a snowball came crashing through his window, breaking it. Holmes got up and looked out the window just in time to see three neighborhood kids who were brothers run around a corner. Their names were John Crimson, Mark Crimson and Paul Crimson.

The next day Holmes got a note on his door that read “? Crimson. He broke your window.” Which of the three Crimson brothers should Sherlock Holmes question about the incident and why?

The correct answer was: Mark Crimson. “? Crimson” means “Question Mark Crimson”

Prop: Red bean bag with the number 2 attached underneath


9. A man is pushing his car along the road when he comes to a hotel. He shouts, “I’m bankrupt!” Why? He is playing Monopoly.

Prop: Monopoly game with number “4” hidden inside cover.

Materials Needed: calendar, dictionaries, deck of cards, mirror, atlases, mary had a little lamb book, bean bag, monopoly board, dice, stuffed animals, mini traffic cones, anything you can use to hide clues under


I would definitely add more materials to the room. The teens were done in 40 minutes.

Here are some pictures:

20160726_181046 20160726_181041 20160726_181029 20160726_181024 20160726_181018 20160726_181013

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