Teen Iron Chef Program

I ran a fun Teen Iron Chef program. The “rules” were simple. Teen had to make three dessert dishes: one using chocolate chip cookies, one using Fruit Loops, and one using skittles. I went to the local dollar store for most of the items. Here is a list of what I bought: sprinkles, frosting (vanilla & chocolate), chocolate chip cookies, fruit loops, animal crackers, gummy worms, M & M’s, skittles, graham crackers, pretzels (sticks and mini), popcorn, fruit slices, white chocolate melters, paper plates, plastic spoons and forks.

I took many photos of their creations.


20160824_151553                     20160824_151604 This was called “Candy Explosion”  20160824_151609 I love this one

20160824_151621        A version of S’mores             20160824_151629

20160824_151648                      20160824_151653                         20160824_151725

20160824_152915 The bears were hanging out by a “fire”  20160824_152941                               20160824_153003 This is Froot Loops “three ways”. The teen lives on the Cooking Channel

20160824_153026 Mini mushrooms!  20160824_153034 (1) A snowman without the snow


20160824_153110                  20160824_153116                        20160824_153140  The teen was aiming for a heart shape

20160824_154350 (1)        Fruit pie deconstructed. The left is the dough for the pie and the right, the filling

20160824_154359 (1) “the sun”        20160824_154326 “Candyland”

20160824_154418 (1)     I love the flower detail with the chocolate              20160824_154431 (1)  These were “frosting balls”           20160824_151634

20160824_151648                      20160824_151653                      20160824_151701

20160824_151725                       20160824_154443 (1)

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