My Summer Reading Challenge

A few years ago, I decided to read a classic novel each summer that I hadn’t read before. It was my way of tapping back into my Literature major roots.

I started small with John Steinbeck’s Of Mice & Men and re-reading Catcher in the Rye to see if I had a different perspective on it as an adult. I enjoyed the Steinbeck book more than I thought. I was a quick read and the story was truly heartbreaking. As for Catcher, I still want to punch Holden Caufield in his smug, entitled face. His character was even more insufferable as an adult than as a teen.

Since then, I’ve read the following:

1984 – I really wanted to like this and I got about a little more than 1/2 way through before it went off the rails and I had to skim the rest.

My Antonia – I really enjoyed this book. The descriptions of pioneer life was more gripping than I expected it to be.

A Farewell to Arms – I had some real problems with this book. His treatment of women was truly awful. Weirdly though, I ended up getting a version of a quote from the book as a tattoo.

Murder of Roger Ackroyd – This was my first Agatha Christie book. It totally blew my mind. The ending had me reeling

Tale of Two Cities – I loved loved loved this book. Dickens liked to write wordy sentences, but they are brilliant wordy sentences.

For this year, I chose Invisible Man by Ellison. I have about 30 pages left before I finish, but it’s a great book and one that can be related to today with what’s going with race relations today.