Fairy Tale/Folktale Retellings


I recently went through a spurt of reading some great fairy tale/folk tale retellings. I thought I would share some of the ones I’ve found. This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but it’s a good start.


Ahdieh, Renee              The Wrath & the Dawn Arabian Nights

The Rose & the Dagger



Meyer, Marissa            Cinder                                      Cinderella

Scarlet                                        Red Riding Hood

Cress                                           Rapunzel

Winter                                     Snow White


Flinn, Alex                    Beastly                                     Beauty & the Beast

Cloaked                                   Various

Towering                                  Rapunzel

A Kiss in Time                         Sleeping Beauty

Mirrored                                  Snow Witch


Levine, Gail Carson      Fairest                                      Snow White


Napoli, Donna Jo         Bound                                      Cinderella


George, Jessica Day     Princes of the Midnight Ball       Twelve Princesses

Princess of Glass


Gaughen, A.C.             Scarlet                                      Red Riding Hood


Kontis, Alethea           Enchanted                                Various


Cornwell, Betsy            Mechanica                                Cinderella


Dokey, Cameron          Belle                                         Beauty & the Beast

Wild Orchid                             Mulan

Before Midnight                        Cinderella

Golden                                     Rapunzel

Beauty Sleep                            Sleeping Beauty


Lo, Malinda                  Ash                                          Cinderella


Shusterman, Neal         Red Rider’s Hood                    Red Riding Hood

Duckling Ugly                           Ugly Duckling


Sheehan, Anna              A Long, Long Sleep                 Sleeping Beauty

Jay, Stacey                   Princess of Thorns                    Sleeping Beauty



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