Memoirs of a Sidekick


Vote Boris Snodbuckle for Student Council President! Boris wants to make Bendale Public School a better place. With the help of his best (and only) friend and number-one sidekick, Adrian, he draws up plans for an epic campaign to win votes. Too bad his schemes only result in epic trouble! Worse, Boris’s opponent is the most popular guy in the school-and aworld-class bully, liar and cheat who will do everything he can to bring Boris down. Does Boris even stand a chance? Well, most say it’s impossible. But they just don’t know the B-Ster.

Told from Adrian’s point of view, this book is about the attempt by Boris Snodbuckle to become President of the Student Council. The problem? No one really likes Boris. Boris isn’t a bad kid, he’s the total opposite. He’s a good kid, but his ideas are a bit big. He overdoes it a lot and it doesn’t help that he isn’t a popular kid at all. Adrian follows along with many of the ideas that Boris has, even helps him with most of them.

This is a quick, fun read about the typical underdog trying to make a name for himself. What made this so unique is the point of view. All the action is from Adrian’s point of view. He definitely sees Boris in a very positive light, so you don’t really learn much about Boris or his life. There isn’t deep character development in this story, but it wasn’t necessary for this type of story. There is something to be said for a simple and fun read and this book definitely fits that bill!

Rating: 3.5/5


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