Pax and Peter have been inseparable ever since Peter rescued him as a kit. But one day, the unimaginable happens: Peter’s dad enlists in the military and makes him return the fox to the wild.

At his grandfather’s house, three hundred miles away from home, Peter knows he isn’t where he should be – with Pax. He strikes out on his own despite the encroaching war, spurred by love, loyalty, and grief, to be reunited with his fox. Meanwhile Pax, steadfastly waiting for his boy, embarks on adventures and discoveries of his own.

This small book packs a huge emotional wallop. The friendship between Pax and Peter goes beyond pet and owner; they know they belong together. The book also tackles the subject of war and its atrocities in a not-so subtle way, but without coming across as pedantic.

I didn’t like the main basis of the plot. Having Peter’s father make him put Pax back into the wild doesn’t make much sense to me. There were other ways the author could have separated the two, but that is my only quibble with the novel. My heart broke at that scene and I rooted for them to find each other the entire novel. I enjoyed seeing Pax meet up with other foxes and learn what it’s like to live in the wild. Pax definitely comes into his own helping the other foxes. He discovers his true fox side and it’s a delight to see. Peter also grows as he goes in search of his friend.

I don’t want to spoil the end, but it was definitely bittersweet.

Rating: 4/5


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